How to root your Samsung Galaxy s4

samsung galaxy s4 root

Make sure your in download mode first, if you have not done that step see this video

1. Download the following file from here

2. Extract the file you downloaded and run ODIN3 v3.07 program in Windows

3. Your phone should already be in DOWNLOAD MODE from my last step. Once your are in download mode get your USB cable and connect to your computer. If connected properly you will get a ADDED MESSAGE. Note: If you do NOT get your phone detected in Windows you will need to install the Samsung drivers located here, then try again.

4. Now click on the PDA button in ODIN3 and select the ROOT FILE you just extracted. It ends with a .md5 extension

5. Make sure AUTO REBOOT and F RESET TIME are selected

6. Click START button in Odin and begin flashing.

7. Once everything is complete your phone will reboot a couple of times, LEAVE EVERYTHING CONNECTED, once your phone is back in you should get a message in Odin saying PASS with a GREEN background

NOTE: As some points it seems nothing may be happening like a black screen, this is normal, it should pass after about 30 seconds of lag, if nothing happens for over 5 minutes something may have gone wrong

8. You can now unplug the phone, your phone is rooted, proceed to next installation step in my tutorial

Here is a video illustrating the above:

NOTE: Ignore the beginning of the video for putting your phone into download mode as you probably already did that before

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  1. You don’t say . personally I think this post is definitely compulsive and the reason is I am using Odin 3.07. Generally what intrigued me best on this page is My PDA Button is always in disabled state. I conclude this is some issue when we use Odin 3.07 with Windows 8.1. Can you assist?.

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