How to get into download mode on Samsung Galaxy S4

This is the first thing you need to do to be able to even consider rooting or installing a custom rom. Follow the video above its very clear and should show you how to get into download mode without any further instructions. Once done move onto the next step on how to root your phone

How to install a custom rom on your Samsung Galaxy s4

NOTE: Before you can even do what is on this page, you will need to make sure you have followed all other steps in my guide on how to install a custom rom.

Recommended ROM to install is the Google Play Edition by Danvdh, Kryten2k35, Googy_Anas & Ktoonsez

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How to perform a Nandroid backup

Note: You will need to have spare space on your SD card to save a full backup, it can be quite large so i recommend you copy / delete photos and any other media to free up some room for the backup

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