How to install Philz Touch recovery

Tools you will need

(download the following file from Philz touch link above)

What is it? Philz touch will install the recovery rom onto your sammy that will then allow you to install a custom rom or do many low level features at a rom level, eg nandroid backup. By now you probably successfully rooted your phone. This would be the next part in your rooting adventures 😀

Note: You may have already installed the Samsung drivers in which case you do not need to download and install them again.

You cannot do this step unless you have rooted the phone instructions here

1. You may already have Odin v3 from my last steps in which case you do not need to re download it again just start up the program as before if not go and download v3.07 from link above.

2. Put your phone into DOWNLOAD MODE again

3. Start up Odin v3, connect your phone and click on PDA button, then select new philz_touch_5.18.9-i9505.tar.md5 file you downloaded. Click START to flash the rom.

4. The same thing will happen as before your phone will reboot maybe once or twice, have a black screen go back into Windows and it may seem like nothing is happening you will see in Odin it says RESET wait till this turns into a GREEN PASS before you disconnect the phone (the guy in the video disconnected it prematurely lamer). You can now disconnect the phone.

5. Shutdown your phone and now do the following VOLUME UP + HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON at the SAME TIME for a few seconds then let go once you get the vibration, it should start up into RECOVERY MODE for Philz touch, this is not download mode this is now recovery mode. You will be inside Philz Touch 5 purple looking application screen. You can now reboot back into the normal OS and continue on with installing a custom rom tutorial.

Congratulations your done.

Watch the video above for the process.

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