Gmail Stylish Theme Inspired by Google Kitkat

stylish android kitkat theme for gmail

*** I discontinued development on this theme but instead continued development on a new one based on this one, the only difference is that it supports Google Apps products not just Gmail interface, So far Google Calendar is complete and Drive is in the works, find it here ***

So my business partner who jumped onto Google Apps and ditched Outlook in favor for browser based Gmail interface introduced me to Stylish extension for Chrome.

Till now i have held back from making the switch because bluntly the themes provided by Gmail sux real hard, the only bearable one is Dark theme.

What is Stylish ?

Stylish allows you to tweak existing css of different websites, eg Gmail.

I have spent a good amount of time tweaking the Gmail interface (on what started to be a hobby) to actually loving it and now ditching Thunderbird and making the switch myself.

Here is what the public release v1.0 of this Gmail stylish theme looks like:

stylish android kitkat theme for gmail

I was initially going to call it ‘TT DeepDark Inspired Theme’ as this was the theme i have been using for a long time in Thunderbird, written by steva

I found it more appropriate to call it what i did in the end because i noticed that my Samsung Galaxy S4 OS named KitKat was almost identical.

If your into Dark style themes with highlights and contrasts then im sure you will love this theme.

How to install and use this Stylish theme

To get it working search the App store and install ‘Stylish’ then head over to the following link

And click install, your done. Enjoy


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