Why you should not use SMSPUP review


An honest review on Smspup and why you should not use their service

So i have been a long time subscriber of smspup for at least 6 years if not more, i can not even remember how long i have been with them actually but it has been at least that long.

This service allows you to do survey’s and redeem points for your time, as well as regular emails that you can click on to gain extra points.

Reasons to not use smspup

  • The terms and conditions only allow you to use the points you have gained in the last 3 months not in the lifetime
  • The freebies you can purchase with you points are ridiculous the ringtones are shithouse and they are not compatible with 90% of phones on the marketplace
  • You can send free SMS’s however this to most wont be much help especially since most people are on some sort of unlimited plans

I have probably spend a good amount of time filling in survey’s as well as clicking emails, i never really needed to use it and i thought you know what its time to cash in, or at least use the points i have gained as i decided recently i simply had not time for it any longer.

I had gained a good 1500 if not more points and i checked the auctions to see what i could get, 10 movie tickets or maybe a small appliance for the home, not bad for clicking emails right ? well that’s debateable but anyway…

I went to place a bid and guess what it said i had 70 points available im like WTF ??? I emailed support and asked them why i only had 70 points and i could not use anymore, they replied that i could only use the points i have gained in the last 3 months and not the whole thing. I was like are you FUCKIN SERIOUS, i lost plot at them and told them that this was simply FRAUD… They replied that, that was in the terms and conditions and pretty much bad luck.

LOL, really now, so i spend 6 years gaining these points and for what to throw them away because they cannot even be used.

This australian company is a rort, its simply fraud its deception and made for you to actually not really know about the terms and conditions unless you really can be fucked reading all those pages of the T&C’s.

This is my story, dont waste your time your not going to get any value from it. Period.

Final thoughts… Dear Smspup, your service is a rort and i pledge to let everyone know just how much of a rort you are…

Let me know what you think about Smspup and please share this story!

Author: mitch

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12 thoughts on “Why you should not use SMSPUP review”

  1. Yes. The T&C do suck. However SMSPup proves to be very useful as an emergency sms service.

    As in my situation right now. I’m at work and my mobile decided to stop working (its an HTC Incredible S which has working great up until today as its now stuck in a reboot cycle).

    How do I tell my wife that this happened when I don’t have her work email address and she cannot check her personal email at work?

    SMSPup to the rescue. I sent her a message saying my phone is out of order and to contact me via email.

    1. Thanks for commenting, however for your info there are plenty of free sms services available now, no need for SMSpup i never used the service for that part in the first place was to gain points and then use it to get some auction goods but as mentioned the system is rigged (imo) and if you spend years collecting they are pretty much useless.

      If you want an alternative service try: http://www.web2msg.com/index.php

      Or search in google “send free sms”

      You will get a few providers, hope that helps…. cya

  2. Hey, don’t knock the pup!

    Their ringtones are awesome. I love “La Cucuracha” and have it for my car’s horn too (sounds better in mono anyway)

    And he games have to be seen to be believed. Snake is awesome, you should try it. Someone said Snake II is coming – that might be too hard for me though.



  3. I also am uninstalling this. “service”. the only redeemming feature was the schedule sms’s shame zI couldnt log in.I have no reply to my inquiries BUT. still getting emails. Great yes one way communication. will just wake early and send with my Telstea service. IT WORKS

  4. Thats so silly.
    & that’s why it’s called taking advantage of them! &using the free SMS service when in desperate need. & if needing that extra point. Just go into a survey and not complete it but earning that 1 extra point, it’s what I do :3 haha.

  5. Omg – I agree they suck, I have also been a member since around 2000-03 anyhoo I lost my mobile phone to the sea yesterday and I thought ‘how can i make an emergancy txt to my bf so I can come get my ID and buy a new phone’
    so I log on and it tells me I am barred from using the site, no explanation no nothing? So confused as I have always used them in an emergancy and now when its a real emergancy (job depends on phones as i am sub contractor) I can’t use it for no reason and my points have also disappeared

  6. I also have been a user of SMSpup for many years, probably about 7 or 8 I’d say, and have loved the free messages from all the surveys. I haven’t noticed a time limit for using them, but I must admit I do tend to go on a texting spree when I’ve got plenty accrued. Three times now I have completed lengthy Neilsen surveys, and I got 100 points for the first one. The second one, I waited weeks and weeks for the promised 150 points, then sent a few emails to pup asking what the heck was going on. I was finally sent a reply that my survey hadn’t submitted successfully. WTF? News to me. So until recently I have just deleted all offers of a long survey for big points. I didn’t like wasting 3-4 hours for nothing. Until this morning, against my better instincts, I do another “3.5 hour” Neilsen survey. It took me 4 hours because occasionally timed out, even though my computer is cleaned and defragged and operating at full speed. I persisted, answered all the questions faithfully, noticing it was the same survey I completed months ago. I got to the very last page, hit the submit button, and got a page saying I’d participated in the survey before and therefore was qualified to do so, followed by another page telling me I’d be getting one point. What the hell? Another whole morning wasted, and I want my 150 points this time. If they’ve got some sort of software glitch, let them be the ones who are disadvantaged. I did the work, I want my promised points. Have sent them a rude email but don’t expect much joy. That being said, I do like being able to fire off a quick text for free everywhere now and then, so I will continue to hit the quick one point emails. Still angry at the moment though.

    1. Feel sorry for you, in all reality the quicker you get away from services like this and focus on other things the better you life will be trust me… i’ve actually deregistered myself from various survey related website promising $$$ and really the time you waste is NOTHING compared to the return on how much time you spend. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. i think it has turned into a con site
    complet theis survey and get 10 points
    after %75 of survey completed they say u don’t qualify
    even if u tell lies about age etc to try and complet thes e surverys they say sorry but survey complete or u not eligibile
    I only click on view web page for 1 point nowdays as most ot the others are scams .AS i said honest or not honest they waste your time .get what they want then say piss off

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