How to perform a Nandroid backup

Note: You will need to have spare space on your SD card to save a full backup, it can be quite large so i recommend you copy / delete photos and any other media to free up some room for the backup

1. The above tutorial video is running on a Samsung Galaxy s5, its the same as s4 so dont worry, go into Philz touch recovery mode using the 3 button method as mentioned in my last step.

2. Click on BACKUP AND RESTORE, Click on MISC NANDROID SETTINGS, Click on DEFAULT BACKUP FORMAT, Click on TAR + GZIP (default), Click on COMPRESSION till it says HIGH.

3. Click on GO BACK, Click on BACKUP TO /SDCARD and let it do the backup, it will take some time so go grab a cup of coffee…

4. Reboot back into the OS, i highly recommend you now use a file manager in Windows and copy the NANDROID BACKUP of your phone to your computer for safe keeping, incase anything ever goes wrong or your want to restore default rom. It will be located in /CLOCKWORKMOD/BACKUP

5. Your done… move onto the next step of actually installing a custom rom 🙂

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